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Today we installed twin boiler flues down the side of a house on the Isle of dogs, London to replace the existing damage one’s. When installing any boiler flues there are strict guidelines to adhere too, with each boiler manufacturer having slightly different requirements. When purchasing any boiler flue kits for a boiler it is also it is necessary to go through each specific requirement. All flue joins and connections should be visible along the whole length of the of the flue just in case they become dislodged you might have to install a boiler flue inspection hatch.

Also there are some common courtesy things to taking account such as the making sure that the condensing steam from the flu is not going over neighbours property especially any windows or the doors that it might cause nuisance with. Condensing boilers can produce a lot of steam and vapour which could cause issues with your neighbours if not vented properly.

As you can see the picture that the gas flu is all securely tied with white pipe clips that match the exterior wall. It’s the little details that matter.

Expert plumbers London covers a whole of the Isle of Dogs for all your plumbing needs so if you have a boiler flue that you need installing please don’t hesitate in contacting us today for your free no obligation plumbing quote.

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