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Plumber in East Ham

If you need a quote for any plumbing work whether it’s for an emergency plumber with fast one hour response time or if you’re looking for a plumber that will come and fit a bathroom, boiler, sink tap, then give us a call.

We cover the whole of East Ham and are happy to attend your business or residence within one hour for any emergency situations, or we can set an appointment, so we can quote on your upcoming plumbing project such as bathrooms, boilers and kitchens.

Family run Plumber in East Ham

  • Emergency Plumber
  • Boilers and Bathrooms
  • Independant Plumber

Plumber East London is an independent family run plumber, and we’ve been covering residential and business plumbing in East Ham for over 10 years.

We pride ourselves on delivering a friendly and expert plumbing service, all at a low cost. We are keen to win your business, we will always submit a very competitive quote. So if you have a plumbing job, why not give us a call and see how much you can save against other plumbers in the East Ham area.

We give 12 months labour and parts guarantee for all our plumbing jobs, and we pride ourselves on delivering satisfaction.

24/7 Emergency Service 07943 144166

Example Plumbing Services

Emergency Plumber E6 And East Ham

Our average response time for emergency plumbing in E6, Beckton, Upton Park, and Barking last year has been 30- 49 minutes until we receive the call and are on site. However, we are able to give you clear instructions on how to turn off the gas, turn off your main water supply, and also drain any cold water tanks that are in your loft stopping any further damage. We are countless success stories across E6 London Borough of Newham / East Ham area from happy clients that have received instructions over the phone to mitigate any further damage to their property. If you have an emergency plumbing job in East Ham I want to speak directly to the plumber that’s going to be attending your site, then give us a call now.

Blocked Drains, East Ham

Do you have a blocked drain in East Ham? Call us today, and we will do all the dirty work and get your drains flowing once again. We have all the latest high-pressure hoses and drain cleaning rods that you to get your drains fully cleared. We pride ourselves on leaving the site clean and all foul water removed, so you don’t have to touch anything. Give plumber East London call, and we can unblock your drains within the hour.

East Ham Boiler Installation

If you need a combination boiler or traditional System boiler / regular boiler in East Ham we are more than happy to give you a competitive quote. Plumber East London covers the whole of East Ham and E6 area for installations of new boilers and boiler servicing. When we arrive on-site, for the quote we’ll look at the state of the central heating system, and we’ll give you a quote for both types of boiler and will also look at replacing the radiators if needed. When we undergo all the work we make sure that your boiler is gas certified, has the right size gas feed, and ultimately we will specify good quality and efficient boiler.

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