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We recently installed a new cold water tank into the loft space of a Stratford property. The water tank feeds or showers, taps, sinks. The water tank was swapped because the old water tank, which was galvanised and was weeping water from one of its seems and causing a leak which was visible on the ceiling of the downstairs bedroom.

We removed the old galvanised water tank through the loft hatch, but had to break this up before fitting it through the hatch as it was oversized. A new plastic water tank was purchased, making sure that it would fit through the existing loft hatch size. The cold water tank supported across the roof rafters and additional wooden support was built for its base, ensuring that it would fall through the roof space below.

We ran all new pipework to the cold water tank. We ran 22 mm pipe that connected into the cold water supply of the hot water system.  Furthermore, we also installed 22 mm pipework that feed the cold water taps sinks etc. The cold water tank came with the bulk of valve already installed, and we just had to adjust this making sure that the water didn’t overflow. Finally, an overflow was installed just in case there was ever a problem in the future. The cold water tank has a lid on to ensure water quality, this was firmly sealed by using the strapping supplied.

If you need a cold water tank fitted in London, please do not hesitate contacting for a free, no obligation quote.


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